Eco Friendly Laundry Care is HERE!

We at Oak&Pearl Clothing Co absolutely recommend this brand for all of our laundry needs.


The major fillers used in powder detergents are insoluble materials that cause accumulation and buildup in washers, pumps, pipes, drain lines and septic tanks—and they can also end up in our waterways. Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent dissolves completely and does not accumulate or build up.

Our philosophy

To bring chemical free cleaning solutions to your home, for a safer, cleaner lifestyle.


Good for you

All chemical free cleaning solutions based on water, not chemicals.

Made to perform

You never have to worry about harmful chemicals like bleach or added fragrances. Our products are tough on dirt, not the environment.

100% transparency

We provide information around what's in our products and why.

Top Seller:

💚 reduces plastic and sticky waste of lint rollers
💚 compact/perfect for on the go
💚 double sided
💚 use on clothing, furniture, car upholstery

What we believe

Improving quality of life
by radically reducing chemicals
in our homes.

Our must have items include 1️⃣Laundry detergent for keeping all of your clothing in top shape through washes 2️⃣ Fluff and tumble dryer balls instead of regular dryer sheets {dry on medium heat!} 3️⃣ The lint mitt is a must have if you have pets, or seem to attract lint on your clothes or seats.

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You shouldn’t have to choose between what works and what’s good for you.

- Jessica Alba

It’s time to live clean.

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