Sweet Pea Wax Melts

Size Guide

Like our candles, these melts are made from 100% plant-based wax and infused with a fresh and delicate combination of fresh sweet pea flowers, violets, and sun-kissed berries! This is the perfect fragrance of Summer, and based on customer reviews, smells exactly like the flower. To add the perfect botanical touch, a variety of dried flowers from an Edmonton wildflower garden are added to the melts.


Burn Time: Burn time depends on the size and type of your melter - but you can expect about 35+ hours of melt time per 75g package. 


Melting Instructions: 

Place wax melts in warmer and melt for desired amount of time! Not all of the wax will melt away like a candle, so when the scent is gone, add another melt!


Materials: 100% Plant-Based Wax, High Quality Fragrance Oils, Dried Flower Petals.