Unicorn Lunch {sugar free}

Size Guide

What does Unicorn Lunch taste like? It's the flavour of a world where everything is sweet, and vaguely fruity. All packed into a bar half the size of our other bars.

Gluten Free / Egg Free / Vegetarian / Diabetic and Keto friendly
Contains: Dairy, Soy

About our Sugar Free Candy:

We use a natural sugar free alternative called Isomalt to sweeten our candies. Isomalt is made in Germany from NON GMO Beets. It doesn't have a chemical or minty aftertaste - in fact, we don't think there is any aftertaste at all!

Isomalt was originally developed for sugar and pastry arts because is doesn't crystallize at high temperatures. Eventually, foodies and nutritionists realized it is safe for diabetics with its incredibly low Glycemic Index of 2 (glucose is 100)

Isomalt falls into the category of sugar alcohols - It doesn't cause dental decay, and it behaves like a fibre instead of a sugar when it is digested Most nutritionists recommend to subtract this polyalcohol line from the carbohydrate line to get "net carbs" because of the scientific data behind the digestion process of Isomalt.

We recommend eating less than 25g of isomalt per day. If you've never had a candy with Isomalt before, this bar is the perfect size for you! We also recommend only to eat sugar free candies after eating a meal, not on an empty stomach.

 Check out this URL for even more information about isomalt!