Sala Sequin Dress

$80.00 $200.00

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Step into the spotlight and steal the show with our Sala Sequin Dress – a mesmerizing ensemble that promises to make you the star of any occasion. In a dazzling champagne color, this dress is an embodiment of glamour and sophistication, designed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.


  • Off-Shoulder Elegance: The Sala Sequin Dress features off-shoulder long sleeves, adding a touch of allure and creating a captivating neckline that enhances your overall look.
  • Sparkling Champagne Hue: Immerse yourself in the sparkling champagne color that radiates opulence, ensuring you stand out in the crowd and make a statement wherever you go.
  • Full Lining: The dress comes with full lining, providing the perfect balance of coverage and allure, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable as you dazzle the night away.

Fabric Composition: Crafted from 100% Nylon/Polyester, this dress is not just an outfit; it's a masterpiece of comfort and style. Embrace the fabulous feel of the fabric against your skin as you dance the night away.

Feel Comfy, Look Confident: The Sala Sequin Dress is not only about making a glamorous entrance but also about feeling at ease throughout the night. Slip into this dress, and you'll exude confidence effortlessly.

It's not just a dress; it's 100% fabulous! Embrace the allure of the Sala Sequin Dress from Oak&Pearl Clothing Co. Shop now and be ready to captivate the room with a look that is as unforgettable as you are.