Fern and Petal Essential Oil {ass’t} 5ml

Size Guide

 Choose your blend of essential oils from Fern and Petal:

Lavender:  A herbal/floral middle note oil that calms nerves, reduces anxiety,  headaches and works as a natural sleep-aid. Made in India.

Eucalyptus:   A woodsy top note oil that helps relax and clear your mind. Also relieves cold & cough symptoms making you feel refreshed and energized. Made in India.

Crisp Autumn:  Cozy up next to the fireplace with this warm & spicy, holiday-inspired diffuser blend. Made in Canada

Spearmint: A fresh, sweet minty top note oil that will enhance your mood and destress your mind. Made in India

 Fern & Petal handmakes and bottles health & wellness products locally in Vancouver, BC.