You are Loved Gift Box

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Give the gift of an at-home spa day to someone who needs to know that they are loved and special! Each set includes a surprise jewellery!


CANDLE: Combines the rich, sweet floral base notes of the Jasmine flower with top notes of the fresh perfume of the Tiara flower.

Key Features: Candle Volume: 450g / 16oz, Coconut wax, two cotton wicks, Luxury fragrance with excellent release, No soot or smoke, sulfate, paraben & phthalate-free.

TEA ROSE JEWELRY BATH BOMB: Freshly picked sweet roses scent.

Key Features: Hydrating & softening to the skin, Handmade in Canada, 100% Vegan, Natural Ingredients, Paraben & SLES free, Jewelry encased in protective plastic capsule.

BODY LOOFAH: 100% Natural Luffa Sponge and Terry Cloth for exfoliating the skin on your body.

MATCHES: Box of white tipped matches, perfect to light your Jewel Within candles. For adult supervision only.


Made in Canada


We are a Family & Friends company based in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. All of our jewelry candles & jewelry bath bombs are made by hand with North American ingredients. Each Jewel Within product has beautiful, quality 925 silver jewelry piece inside. Plus there is a chance to reveal golden certificate entitling which means that the person has uncovered a jewelry piece valued at up to $6,000! How it works is that when a person purchases a Jewel Within product and use it or burn it, they will reveal a carefully produced jewelry piece. A tag reveals the value of their jewelry which they input at to determine its value. It's a fun and unique product that is amazing quality and lots of fun!