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Week of June 14, 2021

Oak&Pearl Clothing Co

Why The Top Three?

We love seeing the styles you add to your cart and the outfits that are being created with every piece!

Each week we are going to feature what the hottest sellers in our online boutique store were, so you can be sure to catch one before they sell out!

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Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it. 🤍
- unknown

Why we love them!

These styles are just what you need to add to your summer wardrobe.

The Lana puffy sleeve top is a cute spin on a normal t-shirt because the puff sleeves add a dash of femininity. Choose from Dark Rose or Sage!

Ooohhh the Nashville dress - it is stunning. We love that it is black and multi-way, so you can adjust the wide straps to wrap around your body in any way you want to! Once you have placed the straps in just the right way, simply finish off the style with a tight knot or tuck the straps in to keep the look secure for the day.

The Grace. A loose, flowing, white shirt is a must have for your summer style. We love the wide neckline that falls off one shoulder and how you can tuck it in, or let it flow!

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June 19, 2021 — Leah B

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