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Saturday Fashion OOTD

Saturday Fashion #OOTD Saturday is a day that a lot of us need so we can catch up on our to-do lists. Lets not get into them all, its making my head hurt thinking about all of the tasks that need doing. Really, there needs to be another day between Saturday and Sunday! To make the best of a busy day, I like to start off wearing something that I absolutely love. It puts me in a good mood knowing that I look cute, and it sets a positive tone for the day. During the week I feel like we have to wear what is "work appropriate" and not necessarily what we really want to wear. (Hello Lulus and a...

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Starting Oak&Pearl Clothing Co

Oak & Pearl Clothing Co AUTHOR Love, Leah / CATEGORY STORE / PUBLISHED: SEPT-24-2019 Creating happiness through fashion, and inspiring confidence. So many people ask where did Oak&Pearl come from, what does it mean, and what marketing brand is it related too? If only I could say it was this grand and elaborate story...but I don't want to let you down, so I'll let you decide that part. We can start off by saying though, that Oak&Pearl is not affiliated with any other company or marketer. All of our clothing available at www.oakandpearl.com has been hand-picked, ordered, shipped, and delivered directly to us so we can present it to you. We are located in British Columbia Canada and ship all...

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